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Please select any of the links below to learn more important information about childhood, adolescent, and adult vaccinations. 

Section 317 Program in Brief

Vaccines For Children Program in Brief


See How Herd Immunity Works


Parents' Guide to Childhood Immunizations


Vaccines for Children: Protecting America’s Children Every Day

CDC: Why Vaccines are Important for You


HHS: Vaccine Basics and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


CDC: Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Vaccine Recommendations and Guidelines


National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) Reports


CDC: National Immunization Surveys (NIS)


Simply Put: Vaccination Saves Lives


FDA: Vaccines Licensed for Use in the United States (2021)


Comparison of Pre-Vaccine Era Estimated Annual Morbidity (2021)


Economic Evaluation of the 7-Vaccine Routine Childhood Immunization Schedule (2014)


Economic Evaluation of 14-Vaccine Routine Childhood Immunization Schedule (2020)

Childhood Vaccine Doses Distributed by Funding Source

Federal Contract Prices for Vaccines Recommended Universally for Children and Adolescents (2021)

Cost-Effectiveness of Childhood Vaccines (2014)


Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Administration of Selected Routine Childhood and Adolescent Vaccinations — 10 U.S. Jurisdictions, March–September 2020 (2021)


Number of Children and Adolescents Who Could Potentially Receive Full Series with 317 Funds (2018)


Estimated Vaccination Coverage with the 4:3:1:3:3:4 Series (2020)


Estimated Vaccination Coverage with 3+ PCV, by Coverage and by State (2017)


Surveillance of Vaccination Coverage Among Adult Populations (2021)

Percentage of Adults Receiving Influenza Vaccine (2019-2020)


Early-Season Influenza Vaccination Uptake and Intent Among Adults (2020-2021)

Interactive Vaccination Coverage Sources:

Fiscal year 2023 fact sheet




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